The Contradictions of Battery Operated Vehicles (Ted Talks)

Battery powered electric vehicles, also known as BEVs, are often touted as being environmentally friendly because they are sold under the guise of being "zero emissions". But are EVs truly zero emissions?

Presented by Dr. Graham Conway, a Principal Engineer in the Automotive Division at Southwest Research Institute, this Ted Talk presents some interesting viewpoints and practical ways to separate the hype from the reality of EV emissions:

  • 64% of electricity produced in the United States is generated by burning Coal
  • It takes significantly more energy and therefore CO2 to produce a Battery Electric Vehicle than an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle
  • A Battery Electric Vehicle must drive 40,000 - 100,000 miles before being environmentally comparable to a gasoline-powered vehicle

We believe that the future of transportation energy is eclectic but take a look at this compelling Ted Talk and reach your own conclusions.