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Green Energy Through Efficient Combustion Design

We develop solutions that radically reduce emissions, increase fuel range & efficiency in Diesel powered engines.

Diesel VS Goliath

The Promise of Efficient Combustion Design

An overview about the role Diesel power plays in keeping the economy growing and AiResource's solution for reducing emissions, while increasing range and efficiency.

AiResource Tenets


Our holistic approach aims to reduce harmful emissions, extends range, boosting operational efficiency and longevity for the world's most powerful economic drivers.


Efficient Combustion Design is about maximizing existing resources, making combustion cleaner and more efficient by radically reducing emissions while improving performance, fuel consumption and operating life.

Economic Viability

The most realistic, cost-efficient and beneficial solutions for today's global transportation and fuel infrastructure energy challenges.


Innovation with the goal of using existing infrastructure and can be deployed today.


The Promise of Efficient Combustion Design

Efficient Combustion Design, or ECD, could redefine how combustion engines function. Diesel is one of the most efficient and energy dense sources available, but the challenge has always been Diesel's relatively high emissions, with significantly greater PM (particulate matter) and NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) emissions than gasoline engines. The ultimate planetary stewardship calls upon a variety of disciplines, including technological innovation to benefit from the energy density of Diesel Power, while making it cleaner.