A Master Suite of Solutions for Today and the Future

AiResource’s ECD Project is just the beginning of a new era in energy, encompassing strategic innovations that will help to mitigate environmental challenges while providing for economic prosperity. Our plan envisions much more than a single system technology. We’re developing a master suite of complimentary solutions that support and supplement renewable energy systems technologies

  • Diesel Electric Energy Co-Generation
  • On-Demand D/C Rapid Recharging Stations for EVs
  • Retrofitting Truck and Transit Bus Fleets for radically reduced emissions, higher performance with lower fuel consumption and longer engine life
  • Powerful and Efficient Power Generators For Limited Infrastructure In Developing Countries
  • Ultra-Low Emission Emergency Power and Heavy Equipment Solutions for Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding Zones

Immediate Economically Viable Energy Solutions

Our solutions are geared toward utilizing and maximizing the efficiency of existing natural resources through existing infrastructure. ECD can be retrofit to today's vehicles, generators and energy production facilities immediately. Our Systems Technologies are capable of affecting meaningful, positive environmental change TODAY.